A NY Times Columnist David Brooks Sestina™ On Why Teachers Are Bad

The repetition is the point

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Children Need to Be Back in School Tomorrow

Children need to be back in school tomorrow.
I am concerned about the most vulnerable.
I am concerned about disadvantaged students.
I am worried about their future.
The irony — it is the teachers who misbehave.
From a circular window in my home office, I see the economy

Looming like a cloud, shining like the sun, the economy
Would never quit these great kids. Today, tomorrow,
It does its duty to instruct, to punish those who misbehave.
Who refuse to share its singular regard for the vulnerable.
It understands that the future
Is embodied in our students.

I too have never underestimated the importance of students
How they almost matter as much as the economy
How if I really think about it for hours I realize they may be the future.
Their minds will create the businesses of tomorrow
Businesses now vulnerable.
To the whim of those who would misbehave

By fearing death, who would misbehave
By exercising selfish self preservation while their students
So many of whom are so vulnerable
Lose interest in the economy.
Even one youth losing one theoretical job on some theoretical tomorrow
Is too much to save one theoretical teacher’s future

Speaking of the future
Do these teachers who misbehave
Who sat around doing nothing today and will do the same tomorrow
Actually think we believe they’re so “busy online” helping students
They’re not really part of the economy
They hope you’ll believe because they know you’re vulnerable

I am the one who knows who’s vulnerable.
I am the one who can see the future.
I am the one who understands the economy.
I see inside the cunning minds of those who misbehave
Their utter disregard for their students
How after months of vacation they demand another leisurely tomorrow.

Here at my desk i am not vulnerable, there is no chance I will misbehave.
I thus possess the equanimity to see the future, to get that mere students
Can sustain that economy, with teachers’ sacrifice, starting tomorrow.

Sarah Miller is a writer living in Northern California.

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