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I’m not the tattoo artist or a different writer Sarah Miller (there are many) or my friend Erin’s girlfriend

There are a lot of Sarah Millers. If my parents had known about SEO in 1969, maybe they would have named me Clytemnestra.

I’m the Northern California by way of Massachusetts/New York/Los Angeles writer Sarah Miller. You might have read my articles in the New York Times about Karens—which should have been the last Karen article ever, at least by a white person; I mean, seriously— coronavirus entertaining, and why I will never stop dieting. (I’m dieting right now, naturally.) I also wrote an article about Miami Beach real estate and climate change and aa level rise for Popula, as well as a lot of other stuff for them. You might also have read me in The Cut writing about abortions, gray hair, and my poor boyfriend who I write about all the time, sorry T. But I will never stop writing about T. especially since now, due to circumstances beyond our control, he’s kind of my only close friend.

I wouldn’t really say I have one subject that I am “passionate” about, though editors always ask me this and I’m always like “ughhh noooo.” I write a lot about myself, but I think when I write about myself I am kind of writing about everything. At least I hope so, because otherwise it would be a real drag to read.

That said, my interests, in no particular order, include: dogs, cats too, Western Massachusetts, California, cooking (and not cooking), my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s friend the Badger, swimming, and anti-capitalism/anti-colonialism. Notice I did not say the environment/climate change/a liveable planet because if those things don’t fall under the last category, they are meaningless, IMHO. If you don’t agree, you may only like my posts about dogs. But that’s okay. I feel perfectly capable of slowly radicalizing you through dogs. Pets are praxis. I also love swimming.

I will be writing about everything here, except for the President, whoever he may be. You can read about him somewhere else! I am @sarahlovescali on Twitter and @sarahpetersmiller on Instagram. I hate Facebook. Oh, that’s a passion, I guess.

My lake

Sarah Miller is a writer living in Northern California.

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