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What It’s Like To Have a Hot Man Stare at You After a Year of Literally Nothing

Going on a date after a long pandemic year is a lot to handle

Sarah Miller
6 min readFeb 23, 2021


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For my second Very Specific Interview™ I talked to a friend of mine about going on her first date in a year, and how weird it was to have someone actually stare at her after so many months of no one even looking at her.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Let’s just say I’m an American who lives in another country in her 30s.

When was the last time you got laid?

Like, literally today, last year.

Ok, and have you been completely alone during the pandemic? No judgement here, about good or bad pandemic behavior, just want to characterize your situation.

I was alone, completely alone for the first four months. I only went to the store, and just once a week, so the person behind the counter at the store, or the person who delivered the occasional pizza, those were the only real life interactions I had, from maybe March through June? Everything else was through a screen.

During the summer months I had some nice days out at the beach, but there was still a way reduced…



Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is a writer living in Northern California.