Windowbear : A Song For My Dog

I’m not a songwriter, but this is actually not a bad song

Sarah Miller
Oct 16, 2020



I drove up to Chico for a flat of pears
And saw a Red Heeler that was part éclair
I said “Can I be your forever au pair?”
You said: “If I can be your Windowbear”

Windowbear in action

Windowbear, Windowbear
Now when I come home you’re always there
Standing on the bed, standing on a chair
Looking out the window like a Windowbear

Windowbear being Windowbear

Your eyes your ears your golden hair
You’re The Jungle, I’m Upton Sinclair
You’re Ginger Rogers, I’m Fred Astaire
You’ve effectively made me a kajillionaire

Classic Windowbear

Ohhh, I do declare
The Eiffel Tower and l’ École Militaire
Are further apart than I could bear
To be away from you mon frére
How hard I would fight in every guerre
To defend the honor of Windowbear

Hotel window during the fire taking care of mommy

[Musical break, whistling]

Last verses sung by enormous child’s chorus, forte;

Windowbear, Windowbear
We’re Mrs. Garrett, you are Blair
When forced to complete a questionnaire
We mark every answer “Windowbear”

From Seattle to Eau Claire
From The Mall of America to Arden Fair
We shout your name into the toxic air
And it shouts back Windowbear


And it shouts back Windowbear
And it shouts back Windowbear



Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is a writer living in Northern California.