A rhetorical question

Paul-Albert Desnard

I am not going to suggest that I or even “science” knows everything about how different people’s bodies react to the vaccine but I assume everyone has heard that younger people, with presumably stronger immune systems, generally have a worse reaction. Stronger immune system, more response from the body fighting the perceived threat. I don’t know that anyone knows this is exactly what is going on with vaccines but it makes sense that it might be at least partially true.

I am 51, not super old, not super young. I am healthy, not like Women’s Health “opt for fish instead…

I thought I could “decide” not to have side effects. I was wrong.

Matthew Henry for Burst

I got my second shot spur of the moment. I was supposed to get it Thursday, but I had plans to interview someone on Friday. So I went in Monday to see if I could do it Wednesday and the woman at the vaccine place, a former pub, actually, was like, how about now? I said sure. It was 2:30 p.m.

I went home and made a big salad and cleaned up. I put new sheets on the bed and got into it about 7 p.m.because I felt I had a good excuse. Physically I was tired. Mentally, I was…

Exciting, impossible to duplicate


We had a late Passover here in Nevada County. A week late. People weren’t vaccinated yet, no one could get it together, then someone thought they could in fact stand to host and it was suddenly all happening. (I am not actually even Jewish, by the way, but I did recently find out that my mother’s biological father was Jewish. …

Thank you in advance for someday reading the whole thing

The town library had shelves and shelves of phone books from other places. After a few weeks of looking at them Betsy had all the area codes memorized. If you said the number you could think of the place, Maine was 207, the seven was like a lobster claw, New Hampshire was 603, the zero made her think of the temperature zero, because New Hampshire was cold, Oregon was 503, and five was between 1 and 10, the way Oregon was between Washington and California, three states, that was where they got the three, and the 0 was like the…

A good place to store, and hide, documents

my desk and chompies in the foreground

I bought a rolltop desk last Sunday. I had originally set out that day to buy an outdoor loveseat so that my boyfriend/me/our germ unit could sit with each other in a way that takes up less room on our small porch. No one in the entire greater Sacramento/Foothill Region had an outdoor loveseat but I did find this nice teak rolltop desk.

It wasn’t expensive and it’s pretty sweet and it has a lot of drawers where I can put crap like earbuds and ear plugs and pens and hair ties…

A Very Specific Interview about marketing and getting so much therapy for the cost of just two sessions.

Clay sculptures of Instagram One-Piece Bathing Suits Rebecca Ackermann

For my fourth Very Specific Interview™ I talked to writer and designer Rebecca Ackermann about Instagram brand one pieces and much, much more.

Sarah: Rebecca, I want to say how brave you are for stepping forward and admitting you bought one shitty Instagram bathing suit that you despised and then turning around and ordering another one. But before we start, let’s thank Emily Gould, who was brave enough to pave the way in this work by coming forward with her own story about her Instagram bra. Ok. So. …

I have all these pieces. Will they ever be whole? Who can say?

photo by Amy Meredith

She had started watching these mystery programs with her grandmother on Sunday nights and looked forward to it. Her grandmother was at her best this way, in the dark, with the intermediary of a good story, and she actually talked to her during the commercials. “I went to Los Angeles once,” her grandmother said, because one of the mystery programs took place there. “It seems very ugly when you’re driving through it but off of the main roads it was really quite heavenly. We had some friends, an old fraternity brother of your grandfather’s who was a judge, I believe…

Very Specific Interviews™

Emily Gould was fooled once, but she won’t be fooled again

Woman wearing a vintage bra
Woman wearing a vintage bra
Photo: Bettmann / Getty

For my third Very Specific Interview™ I talked to Emily Gould, a novelist and a friend, about being sad about a bra she bought on the internet.

So let’s talk about your breasts. I will talk about mine first. They are currently larger than I would wish. People think you’re showing off when you say this, but I’m not. I hit menopause during Covid and each breast got like two pounds bigger and softer. It’s fine, I mean, it’s life. But it’s also a lot of work. …

Biden staffers fired for admitting they smoked pot should start dressing like this in retaliation.

In 2012, I used to write about whatever I wanted for the fashion blog at Lucky Magazine (RIP). Here is my favorite piece. It’s been very slightly edited for clarity and new information.

Marijuana, it turns out, does not grow in a little baggie in a black messenger bag plastered with Ron Paul 2012 bumperstickers. It grows on big plants, with big leaves; and then there’s the bud part, which requires expert attention before it is deemed consumer friendly. (If you’re all, “Why are you talking about pot here?” I assure you I am eventually going to talk about fashion…

You can have a cell phone carrier or you can have personal dignity

I rarely call Europe. I’m not a sommelier. I’m not a countess. I don’t even really know anyone who lives in Europe. Ok, I know a guy named Rob who lives in Surrey. But that’s where it ends!

I did have an overseas calling plan a few years back, but I guess at some point I got rid of it. But then, last month, I found myself thrust once again into the glamorous world of international telecommunication, because I wrote an article for The Cut about the French actress Liliane Rovère from Call my Agent. I called her once, briefly…

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is a writer living in Northern California.

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