A rhetorical question

Paul-Albert Desnard

I thought I could “decide” not to have side effects. I was wrong.

Matthew Henry for Burst


Thank you in advance for someday reading the whole thing

my desk and chompies in the foreground

A Very Specific Interview about marketing and getting so much therapy for the cost of just two sessions.

Clay sculptures of Instagram One-Piece Bathing Suits Rebecca Ackermann

I have all these pieces. Will they ever be whole? Who can say?

photo by Amy Meredith

Very Specific Interviews™

Emily Gould was fooled once, but she won’t be fooled again

Woman wearing a vintage bra
Photo: Bettmann / Getty

Biden staffers fired for admitting they smoked pot should start dressing like this in retaliation.

You can have a cell phone carrier or you can have personal dignity

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller is a writer living in Northern California.

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